As we all know people have some goals in their lives. Whether they are small or big, few or many. Some are related to our personal life and some are related to our professional growth. Without goals life is meaning less. When we set goals for our lives we put our best in order to achieve them. Sometimes we would not achieve them as we may have desired or maybe something took a lot longer than expected to complete, but it gives a sense of purpose and direction to our life.

I think its a good idea to divide your goals in small steps and fulfill these tasks in a particular time period. So, its time to start working.

I have recently completed my graduation in metallurgy and materials engineering. Now a days my goal is to grab a good job because without practical application theory of engineering is nothing. In order to get a job I have done 3 tasks in this week which I share below.

  1. I prepared a CV.

2. Create profile on

3. Searching for job at different sites.

It has been a time taking task but according to my experience doing your work by dividing them in small tasks would be much easier. Not only this but it also gives me confidence that I am moving towards my goal. I have started mine what about yours?