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17th Oct 2020, Saturday was a memorable day of my life. It was the last session of Amal fellowship program. I enjoyed almost all of the sessions during my fellowship program but this one will always have some other place in my life, we were all feeling like we have completed all the preparations and are ready to take off. I have learned so many things from Amal throughout the fellowship but the special thing about last session is that everyone shared their thoughts regarding life and how to become successful in life which encouraged us to analyze facts and…

Whenever we think about words like humanity, help, peace, kindness we always remember one person. A person who was always there for us whenever we need him. He always stood strong and firm like a superhero against every challenge whether it was a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Being Pakistanis we never forget that person. Any guesses? yes! he was our beloved Abdul Sattar EIdhi Sahab.

Personality of Eidhi Sahab does not need any introduction. There are uncountable services of Eidhi Foundation all over Pakistan, including orphanages, old homes, ambulance services, rehabilitation centers, morgue and many others. Eidhi Sahab…

Pomodoro, sounds odd. But it is a very special experience for me. However I have done it several times but didn’t knew its name. Actually pomodoro is a time management tool in which we perform an activity by selecting any task which we have to complete by setting alarm of 25 minutes and avoid all distractions and external interactions and what we have to do is to focus on the task whatever we are doing.

I select to design my priority matrix. It remain a very helpful tool for me as I am able to focus properly in sorting tasks…

In this universe we are blessed with many blessings of ALLAH almighty. Like mountains, minerals, sea, river, forests, seasons and so many other uncountable things. Among these blessing there is rain water also, which is one of the basic sources of our drinking water. In early days rain water was collected through ponds and lakes. But now a days our cities are heavily populated and here and there all we can see are concrete buildings. So( there is no space left for storage of rain water in our cities.)

As we all know people have some goals in their lives. Whether they are small or big, few or many. Some are related to our personal life and some are related to our professional growth. Without goals life is meaning less. When we set goals for our lives we put our best in order to achieve them. Sometimes we would not achieve them as we may have desired or maybe something took a lot longer than expected to complete, but it gives a sense of purpose and direction to our life.

I think its a good idea to divide your…

Success is not a one day game it is a continuous journey in which we met so many peoples who help us a lot in many ways. Some of them gave us lollipop moments, the moments which impact us a lot and we learn many things from that experience. but unfortunately most of the time we do not show enough gratitude towards them and did not acknowledge their efforts in the way they deserve. So, its time to thank them for helping and supporting us in our professional career.

Although a part from my parents and family there are so…

mending a Boo-Boo

1. Mending a Boo-Boo

Husband returned home with a twisted wrist and a frown due to the pain. But no fear Dr Wife is here. I rubbed gel and wrapped a bandage around it. point being when you are a housewife you often have to play multiple roles for your loved ones and I am always happy to help.

Zunaira Khan

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